If you missed the webinar…

We want to be available to support you and answer questions about the new Esprit SMR. The following webinar was presented on Wednesday, December 11th to provide an opportunity to connect with our engineers and get your questions answered.

Webinar Slides

Download the slideshow along with the video demonstrations presented in the webinar.

Download Full Version (200Mb)

Download Compressed Version (30Mb)

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Sales Information

Contact NuOptic for ordering the VIS illuminators that best match your needs.

  • Heather Sadeg, Sales Director
    Mobile: +1 (804) 384-3554
    Email: hsadeg@nuoptic.com
    Web: www.nuoptic.com

Contact your local Pelco sales representative or Pelco Sales office and ask about the SMR#1-23LGLX. Product is configured, wired and ready to receive NuOptic VIS illuminators

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