This quick video points out the unique features of the NuOptic Varifocal Illumination System (VIS) when used with the Pelco Esprit.

Most modern illumination products are equipped with an automatic on/off function controlled with an ambient light sensor. This option triggers the illuminators when there is insufficient daylight available for the camera. Most also feature a power control knob to adjust brightness. With NuOptic VIS technology you get these basic controls plus much more.

NuOptic VIS illuminators feature advanced optics in a motorized zoom lens allowing for an adjustable beam angle to best match the lens setting of the camera. The integrated RS 422/RS485 communication allows for real-time remote adjustment of the beam angle as the camera zooms.

True Hybrid illuminators feature both infrared and white light LEDs making a single unit capable of illuminating in covert IR or visible white-light. Switching between infrared and white light can be triggered at will via the RS422/RS485 command interface.

The combination of these hardware features alone are impressive, but when integrated with the Pelco Esprit an entirely new class of product emerges.

The Esprit is capable of presets for saving pan, tilt, and zoom position, IR cut filter engagement and a number of additional image settings for specific views of interest. When NuOptic VIS is integrated with the Esprit, the illuminators simply become an extension of the same preset. In addition to storing the standard Esprit parameters, the illumination parameters of beam angle, brightness, and wavelength are also stored matching the same preset. Simply select a preset and both the camera and the illuminators adjust to the defined settings.

Real-time adjustments are also very easy. If the operator needs to reposition the Esprit and the camera zoom position, the illuminators will also zoom in and out along with the camera using a feature known as Shadow Mode. In Shadow Mode, the illuminators are set to follow the camera. When the Esprit receives a zoom in or zoom out command, the illuminators zoom in and out as well.

Integrated presets, real-time adjustable beam angle, and on-demand wavelength selection between IR and white light make the NuOptic Varifocal Illumination System the right product to fully maximize the performance capabilities of the Pelco Esprit.

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