Let’s focus on image quality and what makes the Pelco Esprit with NuOptic’s Varifocal Illumination System the clear choice.

A camera is only as good as the image it is able to capture. In low light, image capture is especially difficult.

Without artificial light, the Esprit is capable of capturing video, but notice how much it struggles to find focus. In comparison, the Esprit with NuOptic VIS illuminators is able to smoothly pan across the scene in focus.

There are many alternative illumination solutions available but only NuOptic VIS technology can re-position light real time to follow the Esprit as it zooms. The difference in image quality is quite clear.

The applications are endless but the solution is simple. If you want a clear picture, you want NuOptic.

At a distance, NuOptic VIS illuminators take care of business. Here we see the Esprit zooming in to a sign over 400 ft away, once with the illuminators turned off and again with the illuminators shadowing the camera in infrared. Let’s see that again in white light. This upgraded Pelco Esprit with NuOptic True Hybrid VIS illuminators is able to switch from infrared to white light on-demand, providing covert surveillance when desired and 160 Watts of visible light when required.

Like you, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products and we look forward to working with you.

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