We have been proud of the glowing reviews the Varifocal Illumination System has been gathering but to be quite honest, we did not expect the attention we got at ISC West in Las Vegas. The VIS True Hybrid was entered in the same category as Raytec’s newest illumination product it appears hybrid varifocal illumination caught the attention of the judges.

Best In Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories

“Best In Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories”

The True Hybrid lives up to it’s name. While most hybrid illuminators provide both white and infrared light by alternating LEDs on the board, this method results in half the illumination as a similar sized single light unit. Alternatively, the NuOptic VIS True Hybrid positions both white and infrared LEDs in all 23 lens locations which focuses them to a single beam, providing the same amount of light as two single light illuminators. Powerful illumination with full control in one housing.

This really helps the performance of the system because the iluminator is set to exactly match the field of view of the camera lens. Never wasting any light and giving maximum performance. The main difference between NuOptic and other manufacturers is that the NuOptic product is a true varifocal iluminator allowing for angles between 9 and 95 degrees out of a single unit. The unit is completely adjustable to any angle between 9 and 95 degrees by using our patented optical design. With all other manufacturers you have to select which beam angle you want and you only get a few choices. Typically 10, 30, 60, 100 and 120 degrees. So with NuOptic’s VIS technology you need only 1 model. The NuOptic illuminator is just like a varifocal lens for cameras and in fact covers a range of approximately 2.8 – 40mm lenses.

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Where To Use The True Hybrid

A particularly exciting application for the True Hybrid is any night time environment where light pollution is an issue. This tends to be any area in which neighbors don’t appreciate bright lights spilling into their property at night. Monitor the area in IR and have a motion sensor or the camera trigger a switch to white light if a color picture is required, or a quick flash is enough to scare off intruders.

NuOptic is changing the world of illumination. Stay tuned!

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