NuOptic & Pelco Esprit®

Pelco SMR # 1-23LGLX

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with all NuOptic VIS IR and white light illuminators, including the new award-winning True Hybrid illuminators
  • Illuminators zoom in and out as the camera is zoomed in and out
  • Improved slip ring design supports 80W illuminators on both sides, providing up to 160W of illumination power
  • Supports Pelco presets, including IR or White Light selection and zoom position to best match camera field of view
  • Continuously adjustable illumination angle eliminates hot spots and wasted light, maximizing video quality in all situations


To learn more about Pelco SMR# 1-23LGLX, please contact your local Pelco by Schneider Electric Sales Representative.

NuOptic, in partnership with Pelco by Schneider Electric, has recently introduced a revolutionary step forward in PTZ illumination technology. By combining NuOptic’s award-winning Varifocal Illumination System (VIS) illuminators with the Pelco Esprit™ SE Integrated PTZ, Pelco and NuOptic have created the world’s first PTZ system with illumination that zooms in concert with the camera. This Esprit was jointly designed to provide the quality, ruggedness, reliability, and performance customers have come to expect from all Pelco products.

A modified design was employed to provide maximum performance and reliability for this product. The old Esprit slip ring has been replaced with a higher performance, higher pin count slip ring, providing a significant increase in power and reliability to support the illumination technology. In fact, this Esprit can support NuOptic’s highest power 80 Watt illuminators, offering a combined 160W total illumination power, resulting in superb distance performance.

NuOptic VIS technology was designed for ultimate performance when combined with PTZs. Capable of synchronized zooming with the camera, VIS illuminators place light where you need it when you need it. When the camera is zoomed in by the operator or via a preset, both NuOptic illuminators will also zoom, reaching an impressive 6° field of illumination in white light and 9° in infrared. When the camera is zoomed out, these same illuminators will zoom out to a maximum of 70° in white light and 95° in infrared. Using NuOptic’s True Hybrid illuminators allows for the selection of IR when covert operation is required, or white light when overt operation or color imagery is desired.

This upgrade Esprit provides one set of wires for powering the camera and one set for powering the illuminators. This enables system integrators and installers great flexibility in configuring the power connections, and results in an easy to install, easy to use, and highly reliable integrated PTZ system.

Awarded Best New Product in Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories by SIA at ISC West 2013, the NuOptic VIS illuminators redefine flexibility and performance. When paired with the iconic Pelco Esprit, the versatility and functionality of VIS illuminators create a new class of integrated illumination PTZ systems.


Technical Specifications – Pelco Esprit®

  • Supports all NuOptic VIS 40 & 80 Watt Models (See the Ordering tab for further information.)
  • 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Selectable light source on hybrid models via Pelco presets or manual operation
  • Improved performance slip ring provides independent power access to NuOptic illuminators and Esprit
  • Fully integrated with Pelco D command set and Pelco Esprit using RS485/RS422 interface
  • Strong, ruggedized, environmentally-protected mounting system designed and manufactured by Pelco
  • Designed for easy setup and installation
  • 5 year warranty on VIS illuminators*
  • Supports Pelco preset configurations
  • Environmental:
    • IP66 water and dust protection
    • Operating Temperature:
      • -40 to +60 °C (VIS-1040)
      • -40 to +50 °C (VIS-1080)

*excludes drive train in continuous motion applications

Pelco Esprit® SMR# 1-23LGLX Technical Specifications

  • Continuous pan rotation
  • Tilt range +36 to -85 degrees
  • Variable pan speed up to 67 degrees/sec
  • Variable tilt speed up to 20 degrees/sec
  • Temperature range (-40 to +50°C)
  • Meets IP66 requirements
  • Integrated window wiper option available
  • Built-in heater and window defroster/defogger
  • Measurements
    • Weight: 10 kg Esprit, 4 kg illuminators
    • Max Dimensions: 57cm x 44.3cm x 33.9cm

A complete solution includes the following equipment:

  • One (1) Pelco Esprit® SMR, reference SMR # 1-23LGLX
  • Two (2) NuOptic illuminators of the model of your choosing (40W or 80W versions of Hybrid, Infrared, or White)
  • One (1) appropriate NuOptic power supply

The Pelco Esprit® SMR must be purchased directly from Pelco or an authorized dealer. You must reference SMR # 1-23LGLX in order to receive the model that integrates with NuOptic illuminators.

NuOptic illuminators and power supplies must be purchased from NuOptic or an authorized dealer. All NuOptic VIS illuminators are supported by the Pelco Esprit® SMR.

VIS Hybrid Series Illuminators

  • VIS-1040-SH8 40 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/850 nm
  • VIS-1040-SH9 40 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/940 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH8 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/850 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH9 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/940 nm

VIS Infared Series Illuminators

  • VIS-1040-S850 40 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, 850 nm
  • VIS-1040-S940 40 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, 940 nm
  • VIS-1080-S850 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, 850 nm
  • VIS-1080-S940 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, 940 nm

VIS White Series Illuminators

  • VIS-1040-SCW 40 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White 6500ºK
  • VIS-1080-SCW 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White 6500ºK


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