80W True Hybrid VIS Illuminators

VIS-1080 Hybrid Series

Key Features

  • Continuous coverage varying from 6º to 70º (White) and 9º to 90º (IR)
  • Motorized adjustable beam angle and light control means 1 model replaces multiple competitive models, reducing inventory and optimizing performance
  • No site survey required because one VIS unit can be adjusted for almost any field of view
  • Fully controllable via RS232, RS485, and Pelco D Protocol
  • Advanced Heat Management for long LED life and maximum performance
  • Designed for uniform illumination for optimum camera performance
controlsThe True Hybrid VIS Illuminator by NuOptic offers a higher hybrid output than anything available on the market today. Combined with a powerful control system and motorized varifocal zoom capability, the True Hybrid VIS Illuminator creates a new level of flexibility, and enables unique solutions to the most demanding of lighting applications.

The VIS Illuminator uses sophisticated precision optics to create a truly varifocal illuminator whose field of illumination and wavelength (white light or infrared), can be adjusted in the field – all without changing a single part, and all in a single unit. Digital input control also allows triggering of the light source via operator or automatically via camera control.

The True Hybrid Illuminator provides the ability to use convert IR lighting for zero light pollution and preserve night time environments while also providing the ability for the unit to be triggered into white-light mode to provide color imagery and visible lighting deterrence.

Installation is made easy via control knobs located inside the unit’s environmental cover or by using the RS232/RS485/Pelco D interfaces.

Designed to save cost, minimize inventory, reduce installation time, and maximize image quality, the VIS illuminator was designed with the installer in mind. Because of its varifocal nature, and full adjustabilty, the VIS illuminator is the perfect companion for both analog and IP Day/Night video security cameras. The varifocal illuminator’s field of illumination can be set to best match the setting of the camera lens.

Supporting up to 64 presets for integration with PTZ applications, the VIS illuminator can store illumination and brightness levels that best match the camera’s field of view. No longer are two illuminators needed, one with wide setting and one with narrow setting – VIS illumination technology enables one illuminator to do both, saving cost and dramatically improving performance.

Infrared Light

VIS-1080-S850 Cover

Approximate coverage from a single unit. Illustration shows the unit at 90°, 70°, 50°, 30°, 10°, and 9°

VIS-1080-S850 Distance


White Light


Approximate coverage from a single unit. Illustration shows the unit at 70°, 50°, 30°, 15°, 10°, and 6°

VIS-1080-SCW Distance

  • Continuously variable angle: 6° to 70° in white light and 9° to 90° in infrared light
  • Max distance up to 210m (689ft) in White
  • Max distance up to 270m (886ft) in 850nm IR
  • Pelco D via RS485/RS232
  • Adjustable Power: 0 to 80 Watts
  • 24V AC ± 10%, 2.5 A or 24V-36V DC, 3.3-2.3 A
  • 64 presets for integration with PTZ
  • 5 year warranty*
  • Adjustable photocell for automatic on/off
  • Cool White Color Temperature (6500° Kelvin)
  • Environmental:
    • IP66 water and dust protection
    • Operating Temperature:
      • -40 to +60 °C (VIS-1040)
      • -40 to +50 °C (VIS-1080)
  •  Installation kit included:
    • Adjustable wall mount & anchor bolts
    • Power cable
    • Interface and power connectors
  • Motorized varifocal optics allow the illumination angle to be configured at the same time as the camera and lens at the installation site
  • High light output and adjustable varifocal beam angle allow for the optimum setup
  • Multi-unit configurations increase power for greater coverage and significantly longer distances

*excludes drive train in continuous motion applications

Other Technical Product Specifications

  • Housing Single body high-durability aluminum
  • Weight 2.0 kg (4.4 lb.)
  • Dimensions 170mm x 170mm x 87mm (6.7″ x 6.7″ x 3.4″) [HxWxD]
  • Color Black powder coat finish with polycarbonate front window

VIS Hybrid Series Illuminators

  • VIS-1080-SH8 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/850 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH9 80 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/940 nm

Illuminator Kits

  • VIS-1080-SH8-2 160 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/850 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH9-2 160 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/940 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH8-3 240 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/850 nm
  • VIS-1080-SH9-3 240 Watt, Standard Comm Interface, Cool White/940 nm
    • Kits include illuminators, proper power supply, Premium Wall Mount, Junction Box, and gang mount(s) (one gang mount for two units and two gang mounts for three units)

Accessories & Power Supplies