group-shotDo you want additional protection for your perimeter and security needs? Did you know that all NuOptic illuminators can do more than simply output constant light? They can also produce high intensity strobe flashes of light which make a great deterrent in perimeter protection. When an alarm is triggered and the illuminators begin flashing in strobe mode, anyone in the area will know they’re under surveillance making it increasingly difficult to work. Continued unwanted action under stroboscopic night conditions becomes extremely difficult.

NuOptic’s embedded strobe mode feature has a number of other potential uses as well, ranging from license plate recognition and speed camera systems, to public service alert use indicating an abnormal or emergency situation. All that is required is a simple serial port command or alarm input to put NuOptic illuminators into strobe mode.

Strobe mode is enabled in one of three ways:

  • Continuous flashing enabled by either the illuminator’s ambient light sensor or its digital input signal;
  • Synchronized to a repetitive digital input signal;
  • Single, timed-pulse flash from trigger input (pulse times from 3 – 333 milliseconds).

Strobe mode can be enabled with either the IR or white light varifocal illuminators. IR is ideal for license plate capture or camera exposure synchronization, while the white light products have a profound visual effect. The automatic, continuously flashing strobe mode can be set to a very high rate of 170 flashes per second (170 Hz) all the way down to 3 flashes per second (3 Hz). Even slower rates are also possible by providing an on/off enable signal of the desired rate.

Strobe mode is independent of other key features of NuOptic illuminators. For example, complete brightness control is available while flashing, as is the unique varifocal zooming capability. Multiple units can also be ganged together and synchronized for more range or coverage.

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NuOptic illuminators are the ideal choice for your perimeter security and video security needs!