NuOptic Pelco Esprit 3


In this video we will briefly discuss efficiency and product life.

LED illumination is one of the most efficient sources of light available. The most common measurement is efficacy, the ratio of power input to light output (Lumens / Watts). There are many factors that determine efficacy of individual LED luminaires, but in general LEDs perform incredibly well compared to their traditional counterparts.

LED technology is the only type of light source shown for which efficacy is expected to substantially improve. Due to new materials, manufacturing processes, and configurations, LEDs have a bright future.

The question of LED lifespan is a bit different from traditional light sources. Most of us are familiar with Rated Lamp Life, a valid measure for light sources that do in fact “burn out” after a period of time.

If an LED is going to fail, it will fail in the first few hours of operation, usually due to a manufacturing flaw. These types of errors are rare and almost always caught before product ever ships (less than 0.03%). Otherwise, and LED will continue to provide illumination but simply dim over time.

For this reason the measurement of Useful Life is used to indicate when the LED dims to 70% (L70) of its original intensity, a point at which the human eye starts to recognize that the light is dimmer. Using this measurement as the end of an LED’s life, we see that not only are LEDs efficient but they have an incredibly long life. Another way to understand this is that after 10 years of illumination, LEDs are still producing over 70% of their original intensity!

All illumination companies benefit from the remarkable performance gains in LED technology. NuOptic stands above the competition extending this efficiency and lifespan even further by eliminating wasted light. Focusing the beam of light to match the camera’s field of view means the illuminators can be dimmed and still provide more light where it’s needed than the competition.

The NuOptic True Hybrid expands this efficiency even further by incorporating full infrared and white light performance into one housing.

Intelligent design is a big differentiator that sets NuOptic VIS illuminators apart as the most efficient and long lasting illuminators available. Learn more at the NuOptoc Knowledge Center.

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